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Easton-P'Burg Football Preview

A joint meeting of the Rotary Clubs of Easton and Phillipsburg featured the annual kickoff luncheon for the Thanksgiving Day football game between Easton and Phillipsburg High Schools. The 113- year tradition was interrupted in 2020 but is ready to resume this year. Easton Athletic Director Jim Pokrivsak, Principal Kyle Geiger, Head Coach Jeff Braido, and Cheerleading Coach Kim Stout all participated in this rivalry during their school days. Generation after generation relive the traditions.

The Coaches praised the students for their resilience in making it through an unprecedented disruption in every aspect of life. Phillipsburg Athletic Director Tom Fisher said that, with all we’ve been through, our community deserves to have this game back again. Phillipsburg Coach Frank Duffy noted that the appreciation for the game is higher than ever. He urged the students to treat it as if it were there final game because we now know that it can be taken away at any time. Phillipsburg Mayor Todd Tersigni anticipates a day that will be better than ever before and, hopefully, a Stateliner victory.

The Easton Cheerleaders had a different opinion and boldly anticipate a victory lap around the downtown circle. The meeting concluded with the unveiling of the Rotary Football Trophy, hand-turned by Terry Pundiak. The official presentation of the trophy will occur at the luncheon for the Jack Bennett Holiday Classic on December 16.

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