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Jared Mast - Community Bike Works

Our program featured Jared Mast, who is the Executive Director of the Greater Easton Development Partnership. GEDP is a volunteer driven, non-profit entity that collaborates to nurture Easton’s economic well-being and cultural vibrancy. The organization oversees programs including Easton Main Street Initiative, the Farmers Market, The Public Market, Easton Ambassadors, and PA BaconFest.

The newest program is the West Ward Community Initiative. WWCI has partnered with the YMCA, the Easton Community Center, and Lafayette College to offer youth programming. A new partnership with Community Bike Works is designed to establish a youth mentorship program. CBW is a youth- serving organization that teaches life lessons through bicycles. It offers high quality mentorship programs alongside additional resources for students and their families, with a focus on racial equity. Hearst Publishing has emerged as a collaborative partner through their Bicycling Magazine.

The physical location chosen for this project is 921 Spruce Street which will be purchased by GEDP. They hope to be open for business in late 2021. The core target group is students in grades 6 through 8. The Earn A Bike program allows students to learn skills whilst building their own bicycle. The bike is theirs to keep forever. They learn skills, get mobility, and lead a more active, healthy lifestyle. The positive interaction with adults may be a turning point in their lives.


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