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Maggie Urban-Walle - Palmer Recovery Center

September 9, 2021. Our program featured Maggie Urban-Waala, who is the Director of the new Palmer Recovery Center. The organization will celebrate its one-year anniversary on October 30. PRC is one of 5recovery centers in Northampton County that are funded with fees and fines relating to DUI offenses. The Center provides services to people suffering various forms of addiction. They do not provide treatment, but they serve to connect people with resources where they can find professional help. The resources include recovery supports, housing, employment, and other life-sustaining needs.

The Center does allow their space to be used by various support groups including AA. Fridays are devoted to veterans. The mission of the center is to provide a safe, sober, and supportive space for anyone seeking relief from the effects of drugs and alcohol. Clients can experience an environment where they can talk freely about their issues. This center is run and supported by individuals in recovery, and because of that they can use their lived experiences to encourage and support visitors in their goals of leading meaningful lives.

Maggie herself is uniquely qualified for her position thanks to her own struggles with alcohol addiction from the age of 15 until 23. She credits the recovery community of the Lehigh Valley with giving her a second chance. Over the past five years she has gone from client to provider in that community. She is now in a position to help others find a path to a miraculous second chance.


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