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Vocational Service

Through the years Vocation Service has consistently been important to Rotary. Rotary was founded on the idea that like-minded business and professional leaders could grow in their own vocation and personal life by meeting together to develop relationships and by working together to serve their community.

The Rotary Club of Easton participates in this Avenue of Service in several ways:

  • New members give a “classification talk” in which they introduce themselves to the Club by telling their family story and by explaining their vocational choices.

  • We occasionally meet offsite to learn more about a local business or community organization.

  • We bestow an annual “Ritchey J. Ricci Teacher of the Year” award to a teacher from one of our local districts. This $1,000 award is to fund a classroom activity that is outside the scope of the school budget.


Eric Everett 2022 Wilson Area High School


Denise McGaughran 2021 Career Institute of Technology


Cristen Charnley - 2020 Easton Area High School


Stavros Sfaelos 2019 Notre Dame High School


Stephanie Hicks 2018 Wilson Area School District


Dorothy Linblad 2017 Career Institute of Technology


Katie Frawley 2016 Easton Area School District

2015-Rose Ann Mintzer

Rose Ann Mintzer 2015 Notre Dame High School

2014-R. Paul Lewis

R. Paul Lewis 2014 Wilson Area School District

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