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An important aspect of service is our dedication to the youth of our community and our world. The Rotary Club of Easton responds to this challenge is several ways:

  • Three times during the school year we recognize a “Student of the Month” from each of our local high schools (Easton, Notre Dame, Wilson, and Career Institute of Technology. A $200 scholarship is given to each.

  • Each year we send one or more high school rising seniors to Camp Neidig, a Rotary leadership training experience that takes place in a camp setting over a long weekend.

  • From time to time we participate in Rotary’s International Youth /exchange. In 2010-11 we  hosted Jose Garcia, an international exchange student from Ecuador. And Marissa Cecere, daughter of past-president Lori Metz, was an outbound exchange student spending the year in Italy.

  • Annually in June we recognize the “B. J. Metz Young Person of the Year.” This is a student who has exhibited outstanding service to the community beyond the usual high school activities. A $1,000 grant is given.Check the sidebar on our Home page for the link to a current application form.


Alyssa Errico 2023 Wilson Area High School


Imaan Ali 2022 Easton Area High School


Kayla Moitui 2021 Easton Area High School


Ainsley Williams 2020 Easton Area High School


Sarah Miller 2019 Easton Area High School


Mikayla Roach 2018 Easton Area High School


Keith Grega 2017 Easton Area High School


Kelly Schultheis 2016 Easton Area HIgh School


Savanah Hughes 2015 Easton Area High School


Collon Mellett 2014 Easton Area High School

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