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Club Project: Vaccination Info Packets

Last week featured a Community Service project as we gathered to assemble packets of vaccination information. The idea for the project was brought to us by Doylestown Rotarian Carol Ferguson who is the founder of the Pennsylvania Polio Survivors Network. The packets are designed to distribute to Pediatricians, Pediatric Dentists, Pre- Schools, and Day Care Centers. The information is available in numerous languages.


We assembled packets based in English and Spanish. Each packet features a Vaccine Activity Book that is designed for children. The book is produced by Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and includes information about the history and importance of vaccines. It is filled with puzzles and pictures for coloring. A four-pack of crayons is included for the coloring pages. Other inserts include: a parents’ guide to the flu; vaccinations for teens and preteens; school vaccination requirements; a card for tracking vaccinations.


The assembled packets were delivered to ProJeCt of Easton and the Easton YMCA. ProJeCt received 100 in English and 100 in Spanish. The YMCA received 50 in Spanish and 100 in English. We have limited amounts of information in several other languages. These will be assembled and delivered shortly.

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