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Diane Donaher - The Rotary Foundation

January 16, 2020. Our program featured Bethlehem Rotarian Diane Donaher who serves as the Annual Fund Coordinator for Area 2 of Rotary District 7340. The Annual Fund refers to donations made by Rotarians to the Foundation of Rotary International. The good works supported by our Foundation enable Rotary members to achieve our mission of advancing world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty. Foundation funds support projects on both an international and local level.

Rotary has determined that grant projects must fall within one of six areas of focus including: peace building and conflict prevention, disease prevention and treatment, maternal and child health, community economic development, water/sanitation and hygiene, and basic education and literacy. All projects must be designed to be sustainable. This approach has proven to be tremendously successful. Rotary has risen to the top of the ratings for charitable organizations. Charity Navigator gives us a rating of 100% in both financial performance metrics and accountability and transparency metrics. We have now received their highest rating 12 years in a row.

Worldwide contributions to the Annual Fund have averaged over $120 million dollars in recent years. All of these donations wind up supporting worthwhile humanitarian projects. This doesn't count donations that go to the polio eradication effort. Watching the news these days can be a frustrating experience. The problems of the world seem endless. As an individual, it is easy to feel powerless. As a Rotarian, you can easily be part of the solution. Rotarians who donate $10G7year are considered Sustaining Members. That works out to $2/week. One easy way to contribute is use Rotary Direct which bills your credit card a set amount on either a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. One-time contributions can easily be done online at The per capita giving average in our area last year was approximately $120. Now is a great time to consider participating in this incredible force for good in our world.


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