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Dominic Pettinelli - Diversified Occupations Teacher

January 10, 2019. Our program

featured Dominic Pettinelli who recently took control of the Diversified Occupations Program at Easton High. The program is designed to integrate classroom study in employability and life skills with planned, supervised, practical work experience.

Eligible students come from 11th and 12th grades and must: be employed, be supervised on-the-job, be visited on-the-job by the instructor, attend regularly scheduled classes, and work a minimum of 15 hours per week over at least 3 days from Monday to Friday. The student/learner and the parent/guardians are required to sign a training agreement detailing their responsibilities. The employer agrees to supervise the student and provide quarterly evaluation reports. The students get a chance to earn while they learn. The employer can establish a relationship with the schools, benefit from the work of the student, and possibly identify permanent employees.


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