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Easton-Phillipsburg Game Preview

Our program featured the annual preview of the Easton/Phillipsburg football game. Unfortunately, the preview happened at least 53 weeks before the game as complications from Covid regulations forced cancellation of this year’s contest. However, President BJ Metz at provided a virtual background that allowed to imagine we were there!

We were joined by the Athletic Directors from both schools. Phillipsburg AD Tom Fisher told how breaking the news to the players was the hardest thing he had to do in 25 years. Officials from both schools had come together early Wednesday afternoon and decided they had no choice. The safety of the students was paramount.

Easton AD Jim Pokrivsak entered the gym at 3:45 to break the news to the Easton players. Seniors on both squads saw their high school football careers come to an abrupt end. Yes, the annual contest is an important football game but it is far more than that. It is engrained in our culture. Traditions stretch back for more than a century. It is the oldest interstate high school football rivalry. Dating back to 1905, this would have been the 114th meeting. The game moved

to Thanksgiving Day in 1916. The teams began playing at Lafayette College’s March Field and moved to Fisher Field in 1926.

This year’s game would have been the first to be played at Phillipsburg. Tom and Jim face major issues will all sports. The upcoming winter sports programs are already delayed and somewhat limited. They will continue to roll with the punches and do what’s best for the students. This year’s sports programs may be over but the traditions will remain as strong as ever. Look forward to game #114 in 2021.


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