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Easton Rotary 106th Birthday Celebration

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

A lively crowd of 16 people gathered at the Pomfret Club to celebrate the 106th birthday of the Rotary Club of Easton. Michael “The Cake Contractor” Cecere provided a delicious carrot cake that was appropriately designed featuring a large Rotary gear.

April 1, 1915 is when the Rotary Club of Easton was officially recognized as a member of Rotary International. The Club actually formed a little earlier. There was a meeting on February 11 at the Hotel Huntington. There were 27 potential Rotarians present and the elected officers including Wesley Heiberger as President. By the time they officially chartered there were 33 charter members. That number grew quickly and by the end of their first full year there were over 100 members.

Over the years Easton Rotary has been a force in our community. Organizations we supported include: Easton Hospital, ProJeCt, Third Street Alliance, Easton Emergency Squad, Safe Harbor, YMCA, State Theatre, Kellyn Foundation, The Miracle League, and the Children’s Home.

BJ Metz was the surprise winner of the 2021 Woliaroforot (WOrks LIke A RObot FOr ROTary) Award featuring a stunning 3D likeness of Robbie the Robot from the movie Forbidden Planet.

Tom Walton was presented a Paul Harris Fellow by the President BJ Metz in recognition of Tom's outstanding dedication to our food pantry an other service projects.


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