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Easton Rotary Service Foundation Grant Awards

June 27, 2019. Our program featured the annual awarding of Easton Rotary Service Foundation grants. All seven of this year’s grants were in the amount of $2,500 for a total of $17,500. This brings our total over the last 21 years to $734,909.

This year’s recipients are:

Center For Humanistic Change: For their Project Success program that mentors students in the Easton School District in the hope of helping them make positive life choices.

Children’s Home of Easton: To help older youth successfully transform into productive members of society after they age-out of support systems. Family Connections:

Greater Valley YMCA: To develop family-based programming that helps parents interact with their children.

Pinebrook/Family Answers: For their Unconditional Child Care program that helps families with children that have behavioral difficulties.

ProJeCt of Easton: To support their Summer SIZZLE literacy program that sports a success rating of 92%.

Third Street Alliance: For their scholarship program that allows low- income families to afford early childhood education.


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