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Jim Palmquist - Rotary Peacebuilding

February 28, 2019. Our program

featured Emmaus Rotarian Jim Palmquist who is an active member of the Rotary Action Group for Peace. Rotary has proven to be an incredible force for good in the world. The advancement of world peace has been a core component of Rotary since its inception. Why not use our resources to take a more direct aim at peacebuilding?

Rotary is in a unique position to accept such a role. We have a built-in system of community leaders all around the world. Our members have a passion for goodwill and trust. Rotary has the respect of international organizations. We are great at fund-raising and we have a strong process in place for the completion of projects. Our Peace Scholar program has already produced over one thousand graduates who are actively engaged in peace and conflict resolution throughout the globe.

We tend to perceive our world as a complete and utter mess when it comes to peace. The reality is that current trends show that non-violence is more effective than war. The economics of war are terrible. There is a growing trend toward the recognition that human rights are necessary. New techniques in dispute resolution are being developed. Just imagine, Rotarians building a world beyond war. Rotary: 'We Wage Peace'.


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