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Kim Checkeye - ProJeCt Easton

Our program featured Kim Checkeye, who is the new Executive Director of ProJeCt. She offered an overview of the organization’s programs that are designed to allow people to help themselves. These programs reach over 5,000 people every year. Many of the clients take advantage of the English as a Second Language program. Clients who have children can leave their kids in the early childhood education center during their English classes. After class, they join the children for sessions in which the parents learn and practice methods for teaching their children.


Students who do not finish high school are encouraged to pursue their GED through the Out of School Youth program. The Student Success Program works with all 671 6th grade students in the Easton School District. The SSP program helps students with issues such as mental health and addiction problems.


The food pantry is open 2-3 days per week and allows people to shop with dignity for meat, vegetables, and fruits.


The summer reading program known as “SIZZLE!” is in its 35th year. Last summer’s program was assisted by a $5,000 grant from the Easton Rotary Service Foundation. SIZZLE! is a 6-week program from late June through early August for rising K-5 students in the EASD identified by socio-economic status and reading scores indicating an achievement gap in reading. Facilities, transportation and meals are all provided by the EASD as an “in-kind” contribution to the program. Students are placed by grade and are taught by certified teachers hired and compensated by ProJeCt. Students read books and have outings including trips to the DaVinci Center, the St. Luke’s Nature Trail, and a water safety visit with the State Police.


The 2023 SIZZLE! Program served 127 students. 65% of children who attended at least 20 days maintained or gained literacy skills using Star 360, DIBELS. 98% of children who attended at least 20 days maintained or gained literacy skills using Curriculum Based Assessments (CBAs). 50% of enrolled children had parent participation in at least 1 scheduled family event. ProJeCt is funded by the PA Department of Education, Northampton County, various grants, and some Federal Education funding. Unfortunately, the demand for their services is always increasing. 


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