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Lafayette College International Students

February 14, 2019. Our program featured Janine Block who serves as the International Student Advisor in the Lafayette College Office of Intercultural Development. Lafayette's student body features 235 foreign students representing a total of 51 countries. 101 students are from China with the United Kingdom placing second with 10 students.

Adjustment to college life and United States' culture can be difficult. Foreign students and their roommates arrive at campus before the rest of the students. An international orientation program helps to build cross-cultural friendships. The Intercultural Development Office provides support to help students with academic life as well as to understand College traditions. An International Friendship program pairs students with Lafayette employees or members of the Easton community. These friendships often remain intact long after the student's Lafayette career is over.

Tomoki Sasaki is President of the International Student's Association whose mission is to promote international diversity, cultural awareness and sensitivity, all of which contribute to the intellectual and social life at Lafayette. The Association provides support including Peer Advisors (available for mentoring, advice & assistance); an advisor (to provide guidance and information on travel, social security, immigration policies and government related issues); and various cultural and social activities.


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