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Mikayla Roach - BJ Metz Student of the Year

BJ Metz and Student of the Year Chair Sue Herschlag with Mikayla Roach

Our program featured the presentation of the Annual BJ Metz Young Person of the Year Award. Committee Chair Sue Herschlag presented the plaque and $1,000 check to Easton High School Senior Mikayla Roach. Easton Rotarians may remember Mikayla from her appearance as a Student of the Month. She plays basketball and is the Captain of the Cross Country Team. She is the Key Club Treasurer and a member of Easton's Angels and the National Honor Society. Her numerous volunteer activities include the Boys and Girls Club, Special Olympics, Safe Harbor, Girl Scouts, and the Miracle League. She has received a full scholarship to Penn State where she plans on studying biomedical engineering.


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