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Mike Down - The Rotary Foundation

Our program featured Mike Dowd and a presentation on the Foundation of Rotary International. Everyone wants to be associated with a winning team and when it comes to the Rotary Foundation, as Mike puts it: We’re number one! From its humble beginnings with a $26.50 donation in 1917, our Foundation has evolved into one of the foremost charitable entities in the world. Arch Klumpf is credited for making our Foundation a reality based upon his belief that we should not live for ourselves alone but for the joy of doing good for others.

Mike called upon a few regular Foundation contributors for comments. Paul Braden cited the Lutheran Ministry philosophy of living generously. The PolioPlus campaign caught his imagination years ago. He continues his Foundation support secure in the knowledge that every dollar will be used for something good in the world.

BJ Metz gets frustrated that there is not more emphasis on solving problems in our communities such as hunger and homelessness. Worldwide, there are governments who will gladly spend trillions of dollars to make sure we can properly kill one another. Meanwhile there is rampant hunger, disease borne from filthy water and lack of sanitation, high maternal mortality rates due to lack of basic healthcare, and generations of children not allowed to go to school simply because they are girls. He believes that these are things that should be prioritized and that is exactly what the Rotary Foundation is all about.

Don Lockard’s strong Rotary attachment was forged through many years of hosting Youth Exchange students. He recognizes that our Foundation allows us to collectively provide support to address humanitarian needs around the globe.

Gordon Bigelow is a long-time Rotarian and a Major Donor supporter of the Foundation. His support went to a new level in his recent association with a maternal health project in Isiolo, Kenya. He joins the Morning Star Rotarians on the first Thursday of each month as they meet electronically with their Kenyan partners, many of whom are high level dignitaries and businesspeople.

Mike and Kathleen Dowd have seen firsthand how Rotarians step up to supply aid. Whether it is supplying solar-powered lighting to Native American reservations, or an infirmary in Germany to immigrant refugee population. The Foundation of Rotary International gives every opportunity to play a role in making our world a Contributions can easily be made through the Rotary Direct option allows members to set up automatic monthly credit card charges to make regular contributions.


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