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Moravian Academy Summerbridge Program

Our program featured Stephanie Palmieri and Jarred Weaver from the Lehigh Valley Summerbridge program that is hosted every summer at Moravian Academy. Established in 1993, the program is a free, non­ profit enrichment program that is designed to assist predominantly low- income students, from nine different middle schools in the Lehigh Valley, in their quest to become a college student. These students, comprised of a variety of ethnic and racial backgrounds, and multilingual speakers, are likely to be first-generation college attendees and graduates. All teachers in the program are enrolled in college degree programs and are studying education.


Over 1,000 students have actively participated in the LVS program. The program has also served hundreds of teachers, many of whom are currently employed as teachers in the Lehigh Valley. The 2023 program received some funding from an Easton Rotary Service Foundation grant. The students begin in the summer before 7lh grade and are encouraged to stay with the program for three years. Summerbridge provides resources that they don’t have in their traditional school settings. The hands-on approach from the teachers allows the students to experiment with things including erosion, math games, nursing, and art. A Lehigh Valley history session included a visit to the old steel mill and l essons about the history of t he Moravians. Possible electives are cooking, boat building, cosmetology, poetry, book club, and first aid. Stephanie shared a slide show featuring students enjoying the love of learning.


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