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Teddy Bears for Cancer Patients

February 2024 marks the 24th year of the Rotary Club of Easton distributing Teddy Bears during the Valentine's Day Season to oncology patients in local hospitals. Why do we do it? Because Teddy Bears make almost anyone feel a little better.


We give bears to St. Luke’s Anderson Campus's oncology and chemotherapy infusion center units, and to the same unit at LVHN Hecktown-Oaks Hospital. In addition we distribute bears to the Children’s Hospitals of both St. Luke’s and LVHN because we know that the little patients there sure would love Teddy Bears.


Why do we do this? Well, when chemotherapy is involved, it's nice to get something to cheer you up. And the little kids, who are in the hospital for whatever reason, smile and feel a little better when they get a teddy bear gift.


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