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The World's Greatest Meal

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

The Children’s Home of Easton served as host for our weekly meeting. The Staff served a terrific picnic-style dinner featuring hamburgers, hot dogs, salads, fruit, and snacks; all at no cost to Easton Rotary! The twenty people in attendance voted overwhelmingly to have another social event on Thursday, July 1.

Past President Kathy Trimble became the world’s newest Paul Harris Fellow as she received her first PHF recognition. The pile of personal items headed to the LINCS Center took Tom Walton several trips to transfer to his car. Best of all, the event turned into a World’s Greatest Meal fundraiser for the Polio Eradication Campaign.

The World’s Greatest Meal project was started by Rotarian Susanne Rea about 7 years ago. To date there have been over 7,000 meals in 84 countriesfeaturing over 400,000 participants. Including the Gates Foundation matching money the Project has raised nearly $12 million; enough to purchase nearly 20 million doses of polio vaccine. The generous donations received will enable our Club to donate $430 which the Gates Foundation will boost to a total of $1,290; enough to purchase over 2,000 doses of polio vaccine. The polio campaign has been doing well in recent years. India and the South -East Asia Region have been polio-free since 2014. The Africa region was declared polio-free in 2020. The two remaining endemic countries are Pakistan and Afghanistan and they have seen only two cases to date in 2021. Our Club’s contribution will help ensure that Rotary will fulfill our promise to the children of the world: the promise of a world without polio.

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