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Victor Scomillio - Palmer Township Kiwanis Youth Center

Our program featured Victor Scomillio discussing the history and progress of the Youth Center project underway in Palmer Township. The ancient cinder block field house for the fields at Palmer Elementary School had been crumbling for years. It was decided to replace the field house but do more than athletics. A second floor was added to provide a community room. A 501C 3 was created to facilitate the fundraising efforts.

The Kiwanis Club of Palmer Township offered an initial pledge of $100,000 which was later increased to $150,000. A local family offered $100,000 for the community room. Many contractors offered to donate their services. Overall they raised over $800,000 in cash and more than $400,000 through in-kind donations.

Unfortunately, the repercussions from CO VID increased the project cost from $1.2 million to $1.6 million. The project needs $300,000 to complete the goal. The hope is to open the Center in late spring 2023. The first floor is designed with 12 foot ceilings to allow athletes to practice all year. The second floor community room will be available to groups such as seniors, scouts, service clubs, and churches.


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