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District Governor Len Gieseler

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

The program featured the official visit from District Governor Len Gieseler. He opened by asking us how we happened to join Rotary which revealed that each one of us was asked to join by a friend. It is time for us to return the favor and ask our own friends to join. Projects of special interest to people over the years include the Jack Bennett Tournament, Youth Exchange, and our involvement with the Miracle League.

This year’s theme of Imagine can be interpreted in many ways. Don’t just rely on past history but Imagine new ways of doing things. The center circle on the theme graphic represents Rotarians surrounded by the seven areas of focus. The green line represents movement because Rotarians are people of action. The purple color is for the polio campaign and the green represents our environmental focus. The white background stands for peace.

Overall, Rotary has a membership retention problem. We lose about the same amount of people that we bring in. Retention can be helped by maintaining a welcoming atmosphere and keeping members engaged. One of the most powerful aspects of Rotary is our International Foundation which is routinely recognized as one of the foremost charitable entities in the world. Our polio campaign continues to shine despite worrisome issues in New York and Europe. Our community projects give us an opportunity to tell our story. It is a story of humanity and powerful positive impact on our community. We need to get our members active and engaged. We need to think. We need to act. We need to Imagine!


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