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Jill Sinclair - Cancer Support Community

August 15, 2019. Our program featured Jen Sinclair who is the Program Director for the Cancer Support Community of the Lehigh Valley. Cancer Support Community is a non-profit organization that provides comprehensive psychological and social support to people with cancer and their families.

Their services include weekly support groups, educational workshops, mind/body/spirit programs, exercise and stress management programs, nutrition management, and networking/social activities. Their goal is to help people affected by cancer to actively engage in their health care. They want people to regain control over their lives. They enable people to connect with others in similar circumstances. They aim to restore hope which can anything from a cure, to merely surviving to witness a milestone such as the birth of a grandchild.

The organizations roots go back to 1982 when Dr. Harold Benjamin founded the Wellness Community in California. The Community included celebrity Gilda Radner. Eventually, Gilda's Club would open in New York City. These two organizations ultimately combined to form the Cancer Support Community. Support groups meet weekly where people encourage each other to open up and share their situation. Stress reduction techniques include workouts, Tai Chi, and crafting. Educational programs bring in medical professionals to do lectures. Social programs include talent shows for families, knitting, joke nights, felting, and jewelry making. The most popular program is yoga. Healthy-cooking classes are held at multiple locations. More information can be found at


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