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Lynn Schoof - Social Media

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

Our program featured Easton Rotarian Lynn Schoof, who gave us an overview of the presence of Easton Rotary on various social media platforms. The most prominent platform is Facebook. The interface is free and easy to learn. Only qualified administrators can post to our page, but anyone who follows our page can easily share the posts with others. The most important thing is to actively react to the posts. You can react with an emoticon or type in a comment. You can easily share the post either to your own network or a story page.

Our Club also has an Instagram presence. This platform is all about pictures and videos (also called reels). Our page has 89 followers, and we also follow 30 others. It is important to reciprocate following as it helps to grow everyone’s network. You can search for content on Instagram using hashtags which is an archiving system originally started by Twitter. To search for our Club use #EastonRotary. One nice thing is administrators can post to Facebook and Instagram at the same time.

Our other social media presence is on Linkedln which is designed for more of a professional audience. The key is to post to the social media site that is most likely to reach the desired audience. Rotary related pictures that are suitable for posting should be sent to Lynn.


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