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Cristen Charnley - Ritchey J. Ricci Teacher of the Year

Our program featured the presentation of the Ritchey J. Ricci Teacher of the Year Award for 2020. Committee Chair Shelley Gottlieb introduced Cristen Charnley from Easton Area High School as this year’s recipient. The award

includes $1,000 which the winner will use to enhance the classroom experience for their students. Cristen is a Lafayette College graduate where she earned a degree in engineering. She chose to forgo an engineering career and earned her teaching credentials instead. She returned to Easton and has been teaching various levels of math for 16 years. She has taught grades 9 through 12 and subjects ranging from algebra to advanced calculus.

She believes that algebra is essential for students to learn how to follow directions and think logically. She believes that the key to teaching is to build relationships with the students and establish trust. Cristen is anxious to see what this year’s classroom will look like. It may be virtual or some sort of hybrid. The new look may impact her decision on how to spend the Rotary award.


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