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Laurie Nelson - VegFest

Our program featured Laurie Nelson from the Easton Area Chamber of Commerce. 2020 has seen many events cancelled or being held in a virtual format. Not so with VegFest. This annual event is going forward in a re-imagined live format. The scene has shifted from Scott Park to the Riverside Park. Vendors are limited to 20.There are two vendors selling alcohol but attendees must purchase food before they are allowed to buy beer. The crowd will be limited to 250 people at any given time. Overflow crowds will be directed to the Farmer’s Market to wait for their turn. There will also be live music and speakers.

Laurie also reported on an annual event that is going to be virtual this year. The popular Mayor’s Breakfast is scheduled for September 17. Unfortunately, participants will have to bring their own breakfast. The State of the City address is scheduled for 8AM. Attendees can register at https:// The sponsors will receive gift certificates from downtown restaurants.


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